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Jake Yeaton has set the bar high in selling residential homes throughout Hancock, Waldo and Penobscot Counties in the state of Maine. One of the ways he has accomplished this is by taking price in each and every listing he is able to earn but adding beautiful drone photography, creating videos about your property, investing in Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads, investing in premium direct mail campaigns for his exclusive buyer clients and network for extra exposure, while also leveraging his large and ever growing email marketing list and social media audine for yet even more exposure for your listing. 
Jake Yeaton has found that the best marketing for a home is when care and dedication is given and this is why he treats all listings as he would a luxury listing. He doesn't believe in going all out on only the highest end listings but rather every single listing. 
Give Jake a call or text today to learn more! 207-521-9483.
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Multi-channel Marketing

  • Photography - Capture the finest details of your house with pro outdoor photographers that know the shots to capture the unique lifestyle and epic property views.
  • Print - Targeted print ads on a local, regional, and national level that best targets your buyer.
  • Video - Video tells the story of your house. Our pro videographers capture the cinematic perspectives of each property.
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  • Brochures - Our premium brochures come standard. A downloadable and printable brochure is handcrafted for each property for prospective buyers to review detailed information and imagery.
  • Interactive Maps - From online interactive maps to large print maps, Jake Yeaton delivers detailed maps for home buyers to study online or offline.
  • Website - The cornerstone of our marketing is Attracting many thousands of monthly visitors, it serves as an online destination for your home listing with all the interactive and user friendly information at the buyers fingertips.We take price in the craftsmanship of our site and the user experience for each property.
  • Email Marketing - Our email marketing audience is the honeyhole. It is packed with high net-worth families, local small businesses, investors and individuals who received our bi-monthly newsletter direct to their inbox.


Jake Yeaton has an ever growing network of buyers who range from high-net worth family's, individuals, investors, everyday outdoor enthusiasts, corporations, local small businesses and others who are always on the lookout for their next big land and commercial investment, project or even place to build their dream home. This buyer network is exclusive to clients of Jake Yeaton and is highly sought after. 

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